Cattle Battle   (2017)

Project: Cattle Battle
Platform: Unity, C#
Role: Gameplay Programmer
Team Size: 4
Timeframe: 4 Weeks

I had the great fortune of working on Cattle Battle, a multi-player "capture the flag" game, where you play as either a farmer or an alien and have to capture cows and bring them to your base. This game won the "Best of Show" award.

Enemy AI

The cow in Cattle Battle is afraid of everything, and I mean everything. We wanted to depict that in its movement. Also, we wanted the cow's movement to be fluid, and not "waypoint-ish." So, rather than use waypoints and a traditional pathfinding system, we simply "push" the cow away from these objects using physics. The force and direction that the cow is pushed in is determined by the objects near the cow. A vector is created from each object towards the cow and added all together to produce one vector that is used to apply force to the cow. The calculations for these vectors take in to account 1. the distance to the cow(the further away an object is, the less influence it has), 2. a weight for how afraid the cow is towards that object. All in all this solution had some pretty great, fun results!

Two Gamepads Required! Grab a friend and play Cattle Battle!