Paul Was Alone   (2018)

Project: Paul Was Alone
Platform: C++, Direct3D, HLSL
Role: Physics Programmer
Team Size: 7
Timeframe: 48 Hours

Paul Was Alone is a "Thomas Was Alone" spiritual remake made in a custom data-driven game engine & renderer. For this project, I implemented the physics and character movement. In doing so, I had to expose my trigger system to our scripting system so that we could trigger events such as win conditions and death. I also had to make sure the physics could handle the several different interactions between the three playable characters.

As per the game, boxes had to rest on top of each other, and move along with the base player box as it moved. For this, I created a hierarchical parenting system between boxes. All of the movement applied to the parent would also be applied to the child. In addition, taller player boxes are able to "push" shorter player boxes.

We had a lot of fun working on this project. Enjoy our sweet voices singing the intro to the game, (and Satchit blowing out his vocal chords).