Hex Test (Assembly)   (2017)

Project: Hex Test
Platform: Assembly 68k
Role: Programmer
Team Size: 1
Timeframe: 2 Weeks

Hex Test is a hex to decimal conversion game made in the 68000 assembly language. Hex numbers spawn randomly on the screen and you must convert them to decimal and enter them in to earn points. The numbers fade to red over time and disappear. If you correctly convert a number, that amount is added to your score.

The game seems simple, but building everything in assembly was a very complex challenge and a great learning experience. In making the game, I researched the file format of a bitmap and rendered it pixel by pixel, created a game loop, gathered user input, managed the spawning of numbers and their lifetimes, added physics for the numbers' animation, implemented a moving 7 segment display over the bitmap, and much more. Most importantly, I had to make the game fun. I learned a great deal about memory and built a very strong low level programming foundation of how the processor executes instructions.