Orc Realm   (2015)

Project: Orc Realm
Platform: Half-Life 2 Deathmatch Mod
Position: Programmer, Administrator
Timeframe: 2015

Orc Realm is a Half-Life 2 Deathmatch Mod. The server
was the #1 server for a little over a month. I assumed the role of programmer, tackling
the plugin's 12,000+ line code base written in Pawn(similar to C), making drastic improvements and enhancements in functionality.

Door Ownership Expansion | Persistance & Property Leasing

The Nick's RP mod is a great plugin, however it has much room for improvement.
Door ownership is based on an arbitrary "Entity" number. Let's say that I, a player,
owned door #1 in map A. If we were to change the map to map B, and a single entity was
added in the second map, the door entity numbers would change and door ownership would be completely useless. Therefore, a solution had to be found for door ownership to persist.

I solved this problem by completely overhauling the way Nick's RP handled door ownership. Instead of the players directly owning a door by its entity number, first a file would be checked, dooralias.txt, to find the proper door entity number for that particular map. The level designer would go through the map and assign door aliases by using a console command, "sm_setdooralias aliasNameString" for each map. Aliases with the same name will now successfully transfer door ownership between maps.